CASTLE will address research topics in three work packages which are bringing together a societal, scientific and business perspective in an innovative cross linkage of complementary sustainability impact assessment methodologies. Each work package will implement targeted research studies in the form of PhD projects addressing cutting-edge research questions highly relevant for policy, industry and the public.

As not all partners are degree granting institutions, the CASTLE network has negotiated a planned University affiliation for each PhD research project. The 14 individual research projects are interconnected. The studies in WP 1 (Societal evaluation of sustainability impact )and WP 2 (Methods for qualification of sustainability criteria) are focusing on the further development of methods for SIA, LCA, MCA, and material flow analysis, respectively. These developments will be utilized as much as possible in the research studies in WP 3 (Sustainable companies and products).

As the research is strongly oriented to the demand of future potential employees in the forest sector, private sector contacts will be relevant in most ESR studies. The project consortium includes several private sector actors as full and associated partners (Network). These partners provide concrete study cases and will be used for research secondments to the researchers, who can test the scientific methods in practical company settings.

Individual Research Projects:

IRP1 - Sustainability assessment of bioenergy provisioning services from arable land
IRP2 - Dynamic indicator calculation in ToSIA using a framework for model linkage
IRP3 - Multi-criteria evaluation of sustainability impact assessment (SIA) results
IRP4 - System analysis of forest feedstock supply chains with extended biofuel production
IRP5 - Using and expanding the Material and Energy Flow Analysis (MEFA) framework for sustainability impact assessment of bioenergy systems
IRP6 - Life Cycle Assessment of Wood-Plastic Composites (WPC)
IRP7 - Quantitative and qualitative impact assessment of sustainability with the aid of LCA and changed structures deemed to be crucial for biodiversity
IRP8 - Harvested wood products carbon assessment using ToSIA methodology
IRP9 - Mitigation options through innovative wood product use
IRP10 - Business planning for unintended consequences - Good intentions aren't enough
IRP11 - Inclusive business models and sustainable energy - Transformative social innovation in the digital era
IRP12 - Footprint Indicators in Sustainability Communication
IRP13 - Eco-efficient Transport
IRP14 - Life Cycle Assessment for SMEs in the wood product sector