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Panel discussion on cascade use of biomass. The panel wasled by Antonio Trasobares from the Catalan Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Food and Natural Environment, and the panellists were Silvia Melegari, Secretary General, European Organisation of Sawmilling Industries; Flor Díaz Pulido, Deputy Head of Unit, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials, Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, European Commission; Markku Karlsson, Vice-chair, European Biofuels Technology Platform, and Joan Boix, Managing Director, Serradora Boix S.L.


Flor Diaz Pulido

Johan Elvnert from Forest-based Sector Technology Platform with panellist Markku Karlsson


Joan Boix

Silvia Melegari


Group session on "Cascade use – do we need changes in the policy frameworks to regulate biomass utilization and address conflicts between material and energy use?" chaired by Ben Allen from Institute for European Environmental Policy.

Group session on "Cascade use - Is there currently a business case? Why (not)?" chaired by CASTLE partner Gérard Deroubaix from FCBA.

CASTLE External Advisory Board (EAB) member Richard D. Bergman speaking at the group session on "Cascade use in practice today - material use reality" chaired by another of our EAB members, Klaus Richter from Technical University Munich.

Reporting back from the sessions: CASTLE ESR Pau Brunet Navarro from ZALF.

Chrystallizing the key messages: CASTLE partner Jörg Schweinle from Thünen Institute.

Concluding the conference: CASTLE coordinator Marcus Lindner from European Forest Institute.

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