Session 4: Optimal forest operations for a sustainable biomass supply

Global demand for forest products follows a steady upward trend due to its climate change mitigation benefits and continuing population growth. Harvested biomass might substitute fossil fuels and high energy requiring materials like steel or concrete. Many European countries consider bioenergy and wood products to be key components in their climate change mitigation strategies. In October 2014, EU leaders agreed to a more ambitious 2030 climate energy policy and the European Council endorsed a binding target of at least 27% renewable energy consumption in 2030.

As a consequence of increasing demands, land use has intensified, and improved land management practices are needed to enhance sustainable forest productivity. Increasing biomass exploitation may have negative impacts on forest ecosystem services such as future yield, biodiversity or recreation. These developments call for further optimization of sustainable forest operations while simultaneously responding to increasing demand and additional services.

The session was chaired by Richard D. Bergman, Forest Products Technologist, USDA Forest Service, United States. The presentations were the following:



Presentation title

Presentation (15 min.) / Speed talk (1 min.)

Richard D. Bergman

USDA Forest Service, USA

Life cycle impacts of the wood supply chain

Key note speech

Frank Müller

Researcher at the Technological Institute for Forest Cellulose, Construction-wood and Furniture (FCBA), France

Collaborative logistics in the French forest based sector (FFBS) – opportunity or dead end?


Teresa de la Fuente

Researcher at The Forestry Research Institute of Sweden Skogforsk

Fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of wood supply chains to future biorefineries in Northern Sweden: A comparative analysis between innovative and conventional systems


Dmitriy Danilov

Federal State Scientific Institution "Leningrad Research Institute of Agriculture "Belogorka", Laboratory of Forest and Agricultural Landscapes Ecology, Russian Federation

Growing tree plantations of pine and spruce on the grounds postagrogenic Northwest Europe

Speed talk

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