Two and a half weeks of LCA training is over

Aug 13, 2013
Second CASTLE-Training is over. The ESRs left Hamburg, heading to their permanent research location.
During the first one and a half week methodological basics of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) were discussed and LCA of forest management was the central topic. The second part of the training was dedicated to LCA-related aspects of wood-processing and sustainability assessment of buildings.
From beginning to the end of the training the ESRs conducted a small LCA in excel to learn basic steps and to get an idea of the method in practice, it´s opportunities, open questions and pitfalls that they may come across.
In 2,5 weeks the ESRs gained first experiences in LCA. The training was completed by the ESRs short presentations of different aspects they had been discussing during the exercise. Those aspects were for example allocation by mass vs. allocation by economic value or the effect of different transport systems on Global Warming Potential.