Stakeholder Meeting in Nancy: Trees for the Future: contributing to the green bio-economy

Sep 24, 2013

Trees4Future is an Integrative European Research Infrastructure project that aims to integrate, develop and improve major forest genetics and forestry research infrastructures. It will provide the wider European forestry research community with easy and comprehensive access to currently scattered sources of information (including genetic databanks, forest modelling tools and wood technology labs) and expertise.

Trees4Future is organizing a stakeholder meeting which provides an opportunity for discussions amongst a broad spectrum of stakeholders on European research needs in contributing to green bio-economy, and especially the role of genetics and genomics. These are issues of strategic importance for the forest-based sector, and the outcomes of the meeting will help to steer the activities of the Trees4Future project to allow the project to better meet the needs of different stakeholders. Meeting registration is open to all interested stakeholders. To read more, click.