CASTLE External Advisory Board completed and at work

Oct 24, 2014

The CASTLE External Advisory Board (EAB) has now been completed and consists of five experts:

EAB member


Richard D. Bergman

USDA Forest Service

Christine Fürst

University of Bonn

Ottar Michelsen

Norwegian University of   Science and Technology

Ines Omann

Hemholtz Centre for   Environmental Research

Klaus Richter

Technical University of   Munich


The main task of the EAB is to evaluate the topical progress of selected ESRs’ work. The first stage of the evaluation is taking place now, after the positive Mid-Term Evaluation. The EAB members have been asked to give their suggestions to the ESRs on how to continue and further develop their work. The EAB members can also include suggestions for possible collaboration and useful papers or other publications – in summary: food for thought.

This evaluation is the first one of the two; the other evaluation will take place in the autumn of 2015, after the ESRs have done another update on their CDPs. At that point, the ESRs will have also submitted or are working on manuscripts, on which the EAB members would also be commenting.