Good bye Mekrijärvi!

May 17, 2013

See what can happen in only two weeks!

Do you know what can happen in only two weeks? 17 strangers can become a team. A team of young researchers who are enthusiastic to build careers through which they can contribute to making the world a bit more sustainable place to live in. They’ll be the ones working between science and practice. The training in Mekrijärvi started in rainy weather, but on the last day sun is shining bright and 17 individuals will go back in their homes, but they remain a part of the CASTLE team.

How did it happen then? They worked hard; long hours carrying out ToSIA case studies, career development plans, group discussions, presentations, indicators etc. They went to a field trip to see how they chip harvested wood, how is the Klapimaster 210 working, how a small scale district heating plant can be operated by a small local co-operative and to see a modern gold mine. The field trip was also an opportunity to collect data for the 5 different case studies.

They also laughed, enjoyed both international and North Karelian dinners, met experts on different fields, experienced different kind of Finnish saunas, rowed on Lake Mekrijärvi and hiked through the swamp to grill sausages.

The fellows are looking forward to the next training which will take place in Hamburg, later this summer. Farewell Mekrijärvi!