Publications by CASTLE ESRs

This page lists the peer-reviewed publications by the CASTLE ESRs, with links to the publishers' pages. Other project publications such as papers in conference proceedings and book chapters are listed on the "Other publications" page.

ESR1 Oludunsin Tunrayo Arodudu:

ESR2 Salvatore Martire:

  • Sustainability impact assessment for local energy supplies' development - The case of the alpine area of Lake Como, Italy. 2015. Salvatore Martire, Diana Tuomasjukka, Marcus Lindner, Joanne Fitzgerald, Valentina Castellani.
  • Making forest values work: Enhancing multi-dimensional perspectives towards sustainable forest management. 2015. Doni Blagojević, Salvatore Martire, Cary Yungmee Hendrickson, Mihail Hanzu, Michael Victor Galante, Tanja Kähkönen, Priit Põllumäe, Veronika Fontana, Anna Radtke, Vladimir Stojanovski, Jelena Nedeljković, Zoran Poduška, Dragana Stojkovic, Alessandro Sanches-Pereira, Florian Schubert.

ESR4 Teresa de la Fuente:

ESR5 Anna Liza Bais:

ESR6 Philipp Sommerhuber:

  • Substitution potentials of recycled HDPE and wood particles from post-consumer packaging waste in Wood–Plastic Composites. 2015. Philipp F. Sommerhuber, Johannes Welling, Andreas Krause.
  • Wood–plastic composites as potential applications of recycled plastics of electronic waste and recycled particleboard. 2016. Philipp F. Sommerhuber, Tianyi Wang, Andreas Krause.

ESR7 Francesca Santaniello:

  • Effects of partial cutting on logging productivity, economic returns and dead wood in boreal pine forest. 2016. Francesca Santaniello, Line B. Djupström, Thomas Ranius, Jörgen Rudolphi, Olof Widenfalk, Jan Weslien.

ESR8 Gediminas Jasinevičius:

ESR9 Pau Brunet Navarro:

  • Modelling carbon stocks and fluxes in the wood product sector: a comparative review. 2016. Pau Brunet Navarro, Hubert Jochheim, Bart Muys.
  • The effect of increasing lifespan and recycling rate on carbon storage in wood products from theoretical model to application for the European wood sector. 2016. Pau Brunet Navarro, Hubert Jochheim, Bart Muys.
  • Effect of cascade use on the carbon balance of the German and European wood sectors. Pau Brunet Navarro, Hubert Jochheim, Bart Muys. Submitted to the Journal of Cleaner Production.

ESR11 Anna Harnmeijer

  • Taking stock of the local impacts of community energy: A review and research agenda. Submitted to Sustainable and Renewable Energy Reviews. A. Harnmeijer, E. Creamer.
  • A comparative analysis of the costs of onshore wind energy: Is there a case for community-specific policy support? Submitted to Energy Policy. D. Roberts, E. Phimister, A. Harnmeijer, J. Harnmeijer, J. Msika.